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Creation TI

Creation TI

CREATION TI – tough and brilliant colour

Creation TI is a porcelain for veneering of titanium frameworks. It impresses with high strength at low density and with excellent colour, dimensional and firing stability – even after multiple firings.

The physical properties of Creation TI are specially matched to the framework material titanium and suited to its coefficient of thermal expansion. With a maximum of 810 degrees Celsius, the firing temperatures harmonise perfectly with the titanium-specific properties.

With a flexural strength of approx80 MPa Creation TI is extremely stable. And thanks to the all-purpose bonder Crea TI Bond bonding strengths are reached which are more than 30 per cent above the recommended ISO limit – as a result porcelain flaws are virtually ruled out.

The aesthetics are just right too: Creation TI in the fired state has a non-porous microstructureand hence a brilliant colour effect.

Creation TI – tailor-made to meet the highest demands.
  • Increased bond strength to the framework owing to Crea TI Bond
  • Brilliant colour effect due to non-porous microstructure
  • Economical and easy handling because colour build-up is the same as for all Creation systems
  • High firing stability even after multiple firings
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Creation ZT-CT Creation ZT-CT
CREATION ZI-CT – the Fine Art of Ceramics

he new Creation ZI-CT is an innovative feldspar-ceramic containing leucite crystals which is precisely matched to the CTE of all high-strength zirconium dioxide frameworks and structures – whether white, coloured or translucent.

The high proportion of pure potash feldspars creates light scatter that is comparable to that of natural teeth and a brilliant colour effect, while the micro-fine leucite crystals improve mechanical strength and thereby ensure a durable ceramic structure.

Fascinatingly fluorescent: The special bonding agent Frame Shade NT guarantees strong adhesion to the zirconium dioxide framework and also increases its fluorescence – for powerful bond strength without tensile stresses. Using the complementary CreaColor ceramic stains and modifiers, individual nuances can be created rapidly and effortlessly.
Whether the Introduction, Starter, Shoulder, Gingiva or Bleach Shades Kit or Kit 1 or 2: the modular Creation ZI-CT allows restorative work on zirconium dioxide with impressive colour and dimensional stability and with brilliant light reflection and dynamics.
High-fusing, high aesthetics, high stability: Creation ZI-CT.
Unobtrusively beautiful – a true Creation

CDT Andreas Nolte

  • Natural colour effect and light dynamics due to leucite crystals
  • Excellent bond strength thanks to high firing temperature of 910 °C
  • Extremely low shrinkage for fewer correction firings and more efficiency
  • Reliability due to homogeneous crystalline structure and high resilience
  • Processing reliability based on more than ten years of zirconium expertise
Creation CC Creation CC
Metalceramic in perfection
CREATION CC – technically refined – inspired by nature.
Better than ever, more brilliant than ever: Creation CC is a high-fusing metal-ceramic with unique optical and physical properties that has developed constantly in line with growing aesthetic demands – recognized worldwide for over 25 years!
The perfectly coordinated ceramic materials have excellent homogeneity and thus guarantee high flexural strength. The result: a densely sintered structure for pure and non-porous layering with the utmost reliability.
The pure potash feldspar with micro-pure leucite crystal structure in Creation CC creates iridescent light refraction and natural brilliance and enhances the strength. Exceptional colour nuances can additionally be created with the unique effect materials.

The ceramic bonder Crea Alloy Bond also acts as a CTE buffer between metal and ceramic – for improved adhesive properties to non-precious metal and greater colour reliability.

Whether Introduction, Starter, Shoulder, Gingiva, Bleach Shades Kit, Kit 1 or 2: With the modular classic brand Creation CC, metal-ceramic restorations can be produced with impressive aesthetics and dimensional stability – for superb dental artistry!
Creation CC – natural brilliance and efficiency.
  • Unique, lifelike aesthetics thanks to highly pure potash feldspar.
  • Resilience due to consistently high flexural strength.
  • Natural colour effect and light dynamics due to leucite crystals.
  • Ease of handling thanks to consistent colour and layering system.
  • Processing reliability since 1988.


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