Removable prosthesis

Removable Denture
Removable Denture

Removable denture is intended for restoration of chewing function in case of partial or full loss of teeth. Removable denture is an alternative for non-removable ones in case if the patient has all or majority teeth missing, or has contraindications to install implants and fixed constructions.

The method of making removable denture:

Modern removable dentures are made of dental acrylic plastic with a method of injection molding as well as by hot and cold compression polymerization. The use of such kinds of plastic allows denture to keep its features for a very long time: shape, color, density and durability. Teeth that are applied in manufacture of that particular kind of denture, are released in the form of ready sets differ in color shades, shapes and sizes. This allows to choose the set that patient wishes.

The types of removable denture:

Overdenture is often the only alternative of prosthetics in the case of complete absence of teeth on both or on one of the jaws. They lean only on alveolar shoots of jaw (roughly speaking a gum) on the top jaw and palate.

Partial removable denture
Partial removable dentures are used when one or more teeth are lost. This type of removable dentures often prescribed in case of:
  • The loss of the main chewing teeth
  • In case of the presence of defects of the dentition end when there is no possibility to use as a support bridge adjacent teeth due to their absence or loosening in the jaw bone
  • Defect of tooth alignments of big extent
  • As a temporary prosthesis.

The partial removable denture leans, as a rule, not only on a game, but also remained on the teeth. It is secured with clasps made of stiff wire or nylon, which go from the plastic base of the denture and cover denture abutments.