Removable prosthesis

Nylon removable denture
Nylon removable denture:

Removable dentures and micro prosthetics made of nylon constructions are intended to restore chewing function in case of full or partial loss of teeth. Nylon removable dentures differs from acrylic ones only in material. Nylon is a flexible plastic variety that has good biocompatibility, because nylon completely devoid of residual monomer.
The fixation if removable denture and micro prosthetics happens with the help of slasps. For stronger coupling it is recommend to use a special glue.
As a rule, in case of full loss of teeth alignment it is impractical to make flexible denture out of nylon.
Instead of being flexible, the nylon denture is made unbending, which in its turn saves some of its features, such as hypoallergenic.

Flexibles nylon dentures have a list of advamtages:
  • In case if patient is allergic to acrylic plastic or metal, nylon dentures is an alternative for for clasp or laminar denture.
  • Removable dentures made out of nylon are light, flexible, soft and durable at the same time.
  • Nylon dentures do not change their appearance throughout whole period of use.
  • You can perfectly pick up the plastic of color and shape of your natural teeth.