Removable prosthesis

Gum shields
Gum shields

Gum shields are removable orthodontic constructions, that represent special pads on teeth worn in the therapeutic or prophylactic uses. Gum shields as a rule are made of non-oxidizing metal and polymer.

Gum shields can be used for different purposes:
  • To fix the position of the teeth and the bite
  • For applications of medicinal substances
  • To whiten teeth with chemical preparations
  • For relaxation of the chewing muscles
  • To protect teeth from trauma during sports training.

The application if gum shields would not bring any difficulties. They are quite easy to put on their own and also easy to remove.Individual trays are made in such way to fit perfectly on the teeth. Individual gum shields are manufactured in such a way that they densely adjoined to the teeth without restricting jaw movement, without causing discomfort, without causing pain, and becomes virtually invisible. Gum shields do not exact date of expiration.