Removable prosthesis

Clasp prosthetics
Clasp prosthetics

Due to its high quality and convenience, clasp dentures are one of the most popular types of removable prosthesis, in case of partial or even complete absence of teeth.
Clasp constructions consists of metal arch and artificial teeth which are attaches to plastic basis which on its turn imitate gum and fixing elements in form of clasps, attachments, telescopic crowns or beam constructions.
The main requirement for clasp dentures is the presence of at least a few anchor teeth, for which it would be possible to consolidate the prosthesis or having enough bone in the case of installation of clasp prostheses for beam structures.

Types of clasp denture:
  • On denture claspers: metal hooks, covering abutment tooth in the area of cervix are attached without grinding the enamel. However the such kind of prosthetics is not aestheticaly appealing because the hooks can be visible during the smile. Nonetheless most of the time denture claspers can be casted according to a color of gum thus the design would be more aesthetic.
  • On attachments: Locks, on part of which is inconspicuously attached to the denture and another part on the tooth. Such kind of denture is completely fixed that is why the main weight fall on abutement teeth. It allows to use as a base not only gums but also the natural teeth. Such kinds of designs are fixed on the part of the lock inside of denture, thuse they unnoticeable. They are better fixed and take lessplaces in an oral cavity.
  • On telescopic crows: Crowns consists of two parts: bottom part: which is not removable and is fixed on supporting the teeth (it has the form of reduced under Crown tooth) and top part: this part of the Crown is removable, it is fixed to a metal skeleton of clasp prosthesis. Such kind of designs put pressure during chewing process not only on supporting teeth but also on the jaw bone which helps to distribute chewing force similar to the physiological.
  • On beam constructions: it is a removable designwhich replaces all tooth alignment and isfixed on implants.For restoration a large number of teeth it is not necessary install implants for each tooth. Just a few metal costructions evenly distributed on the dental arch is enough. It gives a chance to restore all tooth alignment and reduce treatment cost at the same time. Due to the even distribution of weight on the bone, bone tissue between all implants does not decrease below the dentures and if it is necessary they can be replaced without damaging the implants or beam construction.