Non Removable prosthesis

Metal-free ceramics
Metal-free ceramics

Prosthetics with Nonmetal ceramics eliminates almost all the problems associated with defects of dentition (chipped, yellow, cracked, and even the size of the teeth). In addition to the crowns, are manufactured ceramic inlays, veneers, as well as bridges.Veneers and inlays are micro prosthesis, which are used to correct minor defects.Due to the minimal effect on the teeth and high aesthetics, they are widespread.Metal-free crowns and bridges consist of a skeleton and several layers of theceramics put over them.In this case, the frame is made not of metal but of zirconium dioxide, supported by CAD/CAM technology or press ceramics.

The nonmetal ceramics are made on abasis of:
  • zirconium dioxide
  • glass ceramics on the basis of a disilikat oflithium
  • leucite glass-ceramics.
Metal-free ceramics have a number of advantages:
  • do not paint and do not change its color
  • have a perfect regional fit
  • donot irritate the gums, because biologically compatible with the tissues of the oral cavity
  • in metal-free ceramics there is no metalframework and therefore it is capable toimitate transparency ofenamel of the tooth
  • Light weight ceramic reduces the load on the supporting teeth.