Non Removable prosthesis

Diagnostics (WAX)
Diagnostics (WAX)

One of the methods of functional diagnostics of dentoalveolar system is carried out by means of the articulator and the front arc.In most cases, it is necessary to remove diagnostic casts, which subsequently created in the laboratory diagnostic model and simulate the future shape of the teeth in wax (Wax-Up), using the wax models perform the correction, which is scheduled later in the oral cavity, tooth prosthetics during the procedure. Wax-up helps to calculate the final result with maximum accuracy.

There is a lot of advantages of waxmodeling (Wax-Up):
  • any inaccuracies are eliminated at theinitial stage
  • any inconveniences in the future areexcluded
  • accustoming procedure is reduced
  • the next teeth aren’t affected, theirintegrity remains
  • possible misunderstanding between thedoctor and the patient in connection withfeatures of a shape of future teeth andother important aspects are minimized.

This method is ideal when you perform any kind of aesthetic indirect restorations (crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and etc.).