Non Removable prosthesis

Composite constructions
Composite constructions

Composites are among the materials most satisfying both aesthetic and functional requirements. They are synthetic materials, consisting of an organic matrix (acrylic polymers), reinforced by inorganic filler. The use of composite materials is becoming a reasonable alternative to metal- ceramic crowns and fillings, as an aesthetic and healthy look can be returned even to a tooth almost completely destroyed. Composite materials are also used in the implantation.

  • Veneers (inlay / onlay)
  • Tabs
  • Lining
  • Telescopic designs
Advantages of composite restorations:
  • Robust and anatomically identical to all the properties of the natural tooth
  • Composite materials provide artificial tooth with lightness and natural dental abrasion, thanks to which after implantation self inter-dental contacts are independently аdapted to each other. This in its turn reduces the risk of bone injuries
  • They are aesthetical
  • They are amendable to quick and easy recovery in the mouth cavity