Non Removable prosthesis

Non Removable prosthetics

Fixed prosthesis is designed to restore the destroyed structure, form and function of the teeth. It has medical, physiological, and aesthetic value, and therefore, is one of the most popular dentalservices.

There are Several Types of Fixed Structures:
  • Temporary structures
  • Мetal-free designs:
    • Тabs/pads
    • Veneers
    • Nano veneers
    • Composite structures
    • Constructions of zirconium dioxide
  • Ceramic-metal constructions
  • One-piece- cast constructions
  • Fixed constructions on implants
  • Metal-plastic designs

In our laboratory all kinds of fixed structures are made that meet all functional and aesthetic requirements. We only use materials of the highest quality by European manufacturers in our working process, and our highly trained specialists have years of experience. Dental products they produce have excellent aesthetics and perfect functionalities.