In our laboratory we have foundry which isequipped with the modern equipment of a world class. Our specialists in molding have long-term experience and constantly improve their skills, passing master classes in the Bego and Bredent companies.In the course of molding we use vacuum and centrifugal induction foundry installations from the German company Bego which are intended for molding of all known noble and ignoble alloys, and alsothe device of the laser soldering of LaserstarT which provides the ultra precisesoldering and welding of all alloys used in stomatology.
By molding method we make:
  • Crowns
  • Bridge-like artificial limbs
  • Bridge-like frameworks for screw fixing onimplants
  • Copings
  • Telescopic crowns
  • Frames for clasp dentures
  • Beam design
  • Individual abutments
  • Substructures.

The cast designs made in our laboratoryhave no balance, ideally coincide with awax modeling of the customer and haveexcellent fit.We hand over all cast products made by usto the customer already with the processedcontacts and processed by sandblasting.

LaserstarT laser machine

One of the advantages of our Foundry is a laser unit the Laser stats from the German company Bego, by means of which ourexperts carry out the most difficult types ofrestoration works, such as:

  • correction of balance bridge-like and clasp constructions without cutting ofthe design
  • soldering of broken ceramic-metal constructions without damaging the applied ceramics
  • soldering the broken clasp prostheses, without damaging the plastic parts and artificial teeth
  • lengthening of necks single and long frames
  • filling of openings in constructions without damaging the applied ceramics
  • thickening of a framework of bridge-likedesigns
  • the soldering of the broken klammer
  • soldering of an attachment
  • soldering of clasp frameworks
  • adding a metal grid to clasp the frame
  • soldering of an implant one seam