CAD/CAM is the name of the innovative technologies that automate the processes of manufacturing Dental restorations.CAD/CAM is an abbreviation of words Computer-Aided Design (design using computer technology) and Computer-Aided Manufacture (fabrication using computer technology).

CAD/CAM is a complex of equipment including:
  • Scanner. The scanner is necessary to create a 3D model of the patient's teeth. Apply intraoral and conventional scanners.
  • Computer with special software.It processes the received volume model, and then in automatic or semi-automatic mode recreates a virtual model of the future dental restoration. CAD/CAM interface very similar to 3D program Editor.The technician can create or modify any element of the restoration (the curvature of the walls, the severity of the terrain, etc.). When all changes have been made, file restoration model is sent to the machine.
  • Milling machine.

Accordingly, works by using CAD/CAM technology is the most accurate and quality compared with traditional injection (for example: deviation of the size in the CAD/CAM process is 15-20 μm versus 50-70 µm when casting) which guarantees the absence of balance and accurate marginal fit. And it is especially important at production of such types of works, as individualabatment, extended designs on screwfixing, frame substructure designs.

Advantages of CAD/CAM technology.
  • Geometrical accuracy of the long frames
  • Complete control of thickness and spacefor cement in a framework
  • Bite digital control to assess the clearance under the infliction of the ceramic mass
  • Possibility of measurement and conclusionof sections of the modelled framework
  • Possibility of calculation of durability ofcritical sites of a framework for eachmaterial
  • Wide range of innovative materials
  • Significant efficiency of manufacturing process
The list of the milled materials.
  • Zirconium dioxide
  • Translucent dioxide of zirconium
  • Glass ceramics on the basis of a disilikat oflithium
  • leucite glass-ceramics
  • Multiblocks-IPS Empress CAD IvoclarVivadent
  • Hybrid ceramics
  • Cobalt chrome(CoCr)
  • Titan
  • PMMA plastic
  • Wax
  • Ash less plastic
  • PEEKBiopolymer